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Pilot Fish is a Team of World-Class Investors, Coaches, and SME's. 

We Help You Develop Your Leadership for Maximum Impact and Personal Freedom.

How we serve our sharks.

(Shark = Driven, Successful, Entrepreneurial Leader)

Holistic Care

We believe that what's best for the leader, is best for the business. That's why we begin every business engagement with a strategic life-plan for its leader. Leadership is a life-long journey. Our passion is to help leaders develop healthy, sustainable change in all four life-quadrants.

Strategic Planning

Every organization is perfectly structured to get its current results. If you want different results, things have to change. After completing a life-plan, we lead the business team through a Paterson StratOp. Generating a 8-12 month strategic operating plan.

Invest & Operate

Most Sharks get stuck because their business is too dependent on them. If a Shark stops moving, it dies. That's why Pilot Fish partners with our best sharks by taking responsibility for the things that slow them down. We help with operations, so our sharks can keep moving forward.

Learn to Grow Your Impact and Gain Your Freedom.

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Why Pilot Fish?

When you join Pilot Fish you gain access to a team of investors, coaches, and SME's who exist to help you grow your impact and freedom. We don't pretend to know your exact situation. But we know that within our group is an expert who can help. 

In nature, sharks exist to dominate their environment and Pilot Fish exist to keep sharks happy and healthy. For as long as there have been sharks, there have been Pilot Fish. Swimming alongside, helping sharks survive and thrive.

In business, being a shark takes passion, instinct and non-stop drive. Don't go it alone. 
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