Helping Sharks Thrive

(Shark = Driven, Successful, Entrepreneurial  Leader)

In business, being a shark takes passion, instinct, and non-stop drive.
The Pilot Fish Group exists to help sharks THRIVE.

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Our Team Sets Us Apart.

Our team is comprised of experienced real-world leaders, coaches and SME's who exist to make you better.
Take a second to get to know us. You'll be g´╗┐lad you did.

Dr. Jeff Adams

International LifePlan Specialist

A cultural exegete, Jeff helps leaders reframe their perspective to a global worldview. Drawing from his experience in over 70 countries, Jeff brings a wealth of perspective to each engagement.

"I exist to equip leaders for maximum impact in a culturally complex world."

Robert Chandler

Lead Investor

A business analyst, Rob helps leaders understand their financial picture. As the first, Pilot Fish Shark, Rob has a unique perspective on what it takes to grow your business, freedom, & impact.

"I exist to build a legacy through relationships, innovation, and technology."

John Moore

Negotiation Genius

A fearless initiator, John is the catalyst for countless successful endeavors. His ability to find the win-win-win amongst parties makes him a core contributor on the Pilot Fish team. 

"I exist to collaborate
with people to structure
artful deals."

Josh Clark


Here to Serve You.

A shark himself, Pilot Fish Founder, Josh Clark has led one of the fastest growing churches in America and an Inc. 5,000 company. He knows what it takes to lead at a high level. And he knows the toll it takes as well.

After leading his most recent company to an eight-figure exit. He launched Pilot Fish to help other sharks grow their influence and freedom. Ready for a healthy change? Engage with Josh and his team today.

"I exist to empower
others to live authentic lives
of deep impact."